Product Code : 25LAUN/981

25mm Launcher and cartridg

Not approved for Marine use
Product Code : 26.5 R,  26.5 W, 26.5 G

 26.5 mm Aerial Flare Cartridges

26.5 mm Aeriall Flare Cartridges Available in Red, White or Green meteor.
Packed 30/Case
Product Code : CONVER


Fits in 25 mm launcher, gives capability of firing 12 Gauge cartridges.
Product Code : 25MRO/987

25mm Red Aerial Flare

25mm Red Aerial Flare 4 Pack. Average burn time: 7 Sec. Average Brightness:33,000 candle. Altitude: 114 Meters. Packed 6/Case  

UPC: 77403 10589

Product Code : 26.5LAUN

26.5 mm Launcher

Packed: 1/Case