What is the life expectancy of a highway flare?


  There is no legal limit to the life of a highway flare. It will remain efficient as long as it is stored in a dry place.


  What is the life expectancy of a marine signal?


   Legally, a marine distress signal must be replaced four years after the date of manufacture. Our products are indicating a expiry date that is irrelevant in Canada. It concerns only consumers from the USA, the rules there being different than in Canada.


   Which transporter should I use for my orders?


   We do offer a service of prepay and charge to our customers. Unless you have a special agreement with a transporter, it may be economical  to use our transporter. Shipping costs depend on 2 parameters: The danger class and the weight. Generally speaking, shipments containing dangerous goods are more economically transported by courier service under 80 pounds, and by transporter above that limit. When goods are not dangerous, the break even point stands at about 100 Lb. For an estimate, contact us by phone.