CIL gives a portion of the proceeds back to the canadian avalanche association and the american avalanche association for training purposes

CIL SnowPro Emulex
CIL Dynamite
CIL/ Austinite ANFO
Martin and Shaft Pull Wire Lighter
CIL Mildet Safety Fuse Assembly
CIL Avadet
Detonating Cord
Shock Star
CIL Classic
CIL Slugger
CIL AvaCup Propellant Cups
CIL Avalanche Guard Cast Booster
Henkle Cutters
CIL Cast Boosters
Grey cap 5lb 3h, White cap 2lb 2h or 3h, Orange cap 1lb 3h, Brown cap 0.5lb 2h, Avalanche Guard 4kg 2h
Recommended Safe Working Practices
CIL Recommended Safe Working Practices July 2021 pdf
CIL Avalanche 1kg SnowPro Emulsion
CIL Avalanche Anfo Boosting and Antiskid
CIL Avalanche Avalauncher
CIL Avalanche Cast Booster